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A Destination Massage School

The Belize School of Massage/The Vision Exchange welcomes local and international students to our premier destination massage school and comprehensive curriculum program with advanced teachers creating the highest education and integrated massage school in Central America.

The Belize School of Massage is a massage school offering comprehensive curriculum programs with advanced teachers creating the highest education and integrated massage school in Central America.


Our accelerated 4 month, 700 hour course begins on location on Medicine Mountain, nestled among majestic Mayan temples of ancient Belize. Melissa Jude provides students all the education and training necessary to become competent, sensitive and ethical massage therapists

Course studies include Swedish massage, myofascial release, and connective tissue. Intuitive bodywork such as reiki, chakras, polarity and sound healing also available as an independent 200 hour course.

Students go on to learn and become proficient in cranial sacral therapy, kinesiology, pathology, reflexology, integrative massage, hydrotherapy and spa.

The Belizean rain forest is the perfect environment to participate in holistic studies. Finally, important topics are covered that include meditation and journal keeping, MLBEx preparation and clinic practicum.

Pyramind Yoga Meditation

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Our 8 week, 400 hour course is the perfect solution for beginner students who’d like intensive training in Swedish massage, myofascial release and connective tissue therapy.

The Swedish modality has a primary focus on affecting the circulatory systems of the body by using a variety of strokes, which help bring about balance and relaxation for the client.

Connective Tissue and Myofascial release expand on modalities which balance the flow of life energy in the human body and chakras. Students will learn a basic understanding and techniques for working with this life pulse.

Once complete, all successful students will receive a qualified certificate that enables them to continue educational training utilizing options outside of Belize School of Massage.